10 Facebook Live Sessions On Positive Parenting

The Family Experts Network provided technical expertise in the development of 10 Facebook live sessions on positive parenting topics for the National Council for Women in collaboration with Unicef Egypt.

  1. Positive discipline (traditional/modern day discipline)
  • The differences between traditional parenting & positive parenting
  • What is the most suitable mix between both styles of parenting for today’s generations

Expert: Amina Diab

Date: AUGUST 17, 2021

2. Tips for a happier home (positive discipline tools/problem solving)

  • What is Positive Discipline? What is the theory behind it?
  • How parents can use positive discipline tools to solve everyday problems and enjoy a happy household

Expert: Amina Diab

Date: AUGUST 24, 2021

3. Caring for caregivers (stress management)

  • Why parents should take care of themselves
  • Techniques to handle stress 

Expert: Dr. Maha Emadeldin

Date: AUGUST 31, 2021

4. Spousal communication

  • How parents communication affects children 
  • Ways of healthy communication

Expert: Dr. Maha Emadeldin

Date: SEPTEMBER 7, 2021

5. Parenting and Sexual Education

  • Sexual development starting from age 2-18 years
  • How parents can talk to their children about sexual development e.g., how baby are made, talking about puberty
  • How to react regarding abnormal sexual behaviour e.g., child touched private parts of another child

Expert: Dr. Sahar Daoud

Date: SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

6. The Wise Use of the Internet (As a learning/entertainment tool)

  • Internet as an essential part of our life 
  • The good uses of internet (search, learn, connect) 
  • The bad effects of internet (virtual life, poor communication skills, violence , laziness, harmful websites for kids)
  • Wise usage (schedules.. free days.. linking internet with useful skills) 

 Expert: Riham Samir

Date: SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

7. Balanced meal for girls and boys/ pregnant women, adolescent girls

  •  Components of a balanced meal
  • The magic of crowding out 
  • The importance of a good breakfast 
  • The 4 Ps for winning kids cooperation for better eating habits

Expert: Heba Anwar 

Date: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

8. Outdoor exercises for boys and girls  

  • Less screen time 
  • Weight loss for kids who gained weight during the lockdown 
  • Sports are not gender related
  •  The importance of exercise both physically and mentally

Expert: Mariam Medhat  

Date: OCTOBER 5, 2021

9. Parenting and GBV

  • Do we raise a generation that condemns violence against women?
  • Things we do with our children that helps raise a generation against violence
  • How to raise a generation that supports women?

Expert: Sara Aziz 

Date: OCTOBER 14, 2021

10. Household responsibilities

  • Egyptian Folklore proverbs about the roles of women & men around the house
  • The motives of different family members when helping around the house
  • Roles vs responsibilities
  • The implications of gender roles on our children

Expert: Sara Aziz 

Date: OCTOBER 20, 2021

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