Parenting Mini-masterclasses (Behind The Scenes)

In response to COVID-19, The Family Experts Network collaborated with Unicef to produce a Parenting Mini-masterclass, or a series of short 3 min videos to spread awareness about Coronavirus, to be circulated on social media and different channels.

Ten network members recorded 30 videos while in self isolation at home using the latest state of the art technology over the entirety of the holy month of Ramadan.

Special thanks to Dr. Sahar Daoud, Dr. Maha Emadeldin, Iman Sarhan, Ayah Sarhan, Riham Samir, Mai Elwy Sara Aziz, Heba Anwar, Shahira Abdel Rahman & Dr. Wafaa Abdel Hadi.

Behind the scenes of recording Egypt’s first Parenting Mini-masterclasses in response to #Covid-19.