The Network

Executive Board of The Family Experts

Amina Diab

Child and adolescent psychologist, parent educator and coach

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Dr. Maha Emadeldin

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with over 15 years

of experience in dealing with psychiatric and mental health problems in children and adolescents
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Heba Anwar

Health coach and ambassador of health and happiness

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Mariam Medhat

Parent and family educator and counselor

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Aya Sarhan

Certified family relationship coach and effectiveness trainer

and community psychologist/board member of Mother Child Friendly Care Association focused on supporting new mothers and encouraging breastfeeding
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Dr. Sahar Daoud

Child psychiatrist – specialized in sexual education

and children with behavioral and/or developmental disorders
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Network Members

Dana Dinnawi

Health and wellness coach

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Dr. Khalil Abdel Khalick

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

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Rania Abu Rabia

Leadership development facilitator and coach

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Sara Aziz

Founder and President of Safe. Diploma in sexual

abuse for children
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Amina Rashad

Holistic health coach

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Mai Elwy

Parenting educator/ counselor

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Rasha El Boghdady

Psychotherapist/parental, couple

and family counselor
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Shahira Abdel Rahman

Special education consultant and

teacher trainer
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Iman Sarhan

Organizational psychologist, certified lactation counselor

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Maryam Maafa

counseling psychologist - parental guidance and couples

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Dr. Jailan Abbas

Egyptian civilization and Arabic language/education specialist

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Riham Samir

Learning and communication consultant

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Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi

Functional medicine/Clinical

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